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How User-Generated Content in Shoppable Videos Help Boost Shopify Revenue by 49 Percent?


User-generated content (UGC) is a significant breakthrough for many small and medium businesses aiming to leverage digital marketing in 2022. Such content not only allows them to strengthen customer relationships but also helps boost conversions, as it effectively reflects brand loyalty. But how does one make the most of user-generated content?

We believe that UGC can help brands generate more conversions if coupled with the “Shoppable Videos” format. Before discussing shoppable videos, let’s talk numbers. Shopify stores that use videos, in general, have a significant edge over the competition as:

  • 72 percent of customers find it easier to learn about a product through video!
  • Customers retain 95 percent of a message conveyed through video!
  • Online stores that use video grow revenue 49 percent faster than others!
  • 64 percent of consumers purchase products after watching videos by brands!
  • For Shopify stores, it’s crucial to use a resource as critical as videos strategically. If boosting conversions on the store is your prime objective, we suggest you add “Shoppable Videos” to it with the help of our Shopify app HelloBrand available for free! Now that you are convinced to use videos on your Shopify store, let’s dive deeper and learn more about shoppable videos.

    What are shoppable videos?

    Shopify stores, especially the ones selling products, rely majorly on product visuals and descriptions. Customers make their purchasing decisions by looking at the pictures, descriptions, and customer testimonials. What if all this can be consolidated into a video to boost conversions, as discussed earlier? This is precisely where shoppable videos can help.

    “Shoppable videos help facilitate the desire to directly purchase products upon clicking or tapping on the videos.”

    Shoppable videos are the type of content that can be put on landing pages, store homepages, product pages, social media channels or even mailing campaigns to attract customers and convince them to make a purchase.

    Shoppable videos contain information like product reviews, product details, buying details, contact information, and more. It has turned out to be one of the most effective video marketing tactics to boost the online shopping experience. Let’s understand how these shoppable videos function when added to a Shopify store.

    How do shoppable videos benefit Shopify stores?

    Shoppable videos that are concise, informative, highly creative, engaging, and convey the brand’s story help deliver the following benefits:

    1.Less friction during shopping

    Shoppable video apps allow Shopify store owners to optimize the purchasing process and reduce the gap between intent and purchase. You don’t want customers to undergo several steps when they purchase products online. Through shoppable videos, you let the customers add the product to their cart just by clicking on the video — all this without having to leave the page or open the product page.

    2.Makes product pages easily accessible

    Shopify apps for adding shoppable videos on the page facilitate easy product accessibility, helping your store become a one-stop destination for customers to make a purchase. You can embed links to the featured product, which leads the customers to a separate product page upon clicking.

    3.Strengthens brand loyalty

    Do you struggle to keep your visitors engaged? Most Shopify store owners find it challenging to improve their UX and, consequently, their sales and conversion rates. With Shoppable videos, they are now in the position to show their prospects how satisfied existing customers are with the product. The video content can be made to hit the customers’ pain points by showing the product’s real-life benefits.

    4.Encourages more engagement

    Shoppable videos are highly engaging. These have eye-catching and attention-grabbing visual content that gives brands an opportunity to convey their message effectively. You may even showcase multiple products within the same shoppable video and make the campaign cost-effective.

    5.Helps with retargeting campaigns

    Do you run retargeting campaigns for your Shopify store? We highly recommend using videos to reconnect with customers and drive more conversions. One can share shoppable videos through email marketing campaigns and allow prospects to view and make purchases on their smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Since shoppable videos have the potential to capture viewer attention, they can significantly improve your brand awareness, cross-channel marketing, and conversion rates.

    6.Contains entertainment value

    We suggest Shopify store owners make the shopping experience more entertaining. Shoppable videos make purchasing entertaining and increase the store’s recall value. This way, the prospects that visited your store merely for fun will turn to you when they have a genuine need to make a purchase.

    7.Major opportunities for personalization

    Personalization is a highly effective and popular digital marketing strategy that tends to deliver better results for a target market. Shoppable videos provide store owners the opportunity to create content and manage the customer experience in the store. The interactive and engaging shoppable videos also allow customers to control and select which section of the video they want to engage with.

    How do shoppable videos with UGC content work?

    But, how do shoppable videos deliver all the benefits mentioned above? Well, integrating shoppable features in videos on Shopify stores significantly reduces the number of steps customers require to purchase a product. They don’t necessarily need to scroll up and down the product page to consume information, add products to a wishlist, or head to the checkout.

    When brands use user-generated content on shoppable videos, it helps prospects learn from existing customers’ product experience — allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. As modern technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality make space in online marketing, shoppable videos will get more interactive and help Shopify store owners leverage customer preferences and interests in real-time.

    Until then, we highly recommend you follow the best practices to create shoppable videos for your Shopify store. You can use our Shopify app HelloBrand for adding shoppable videos to your Shopify store. Remember to apply these quick tips while using user-generated content for your shoppable videos so you meet your goals efficiently.

  • Give time for visitors to interact
  • While you’d want to keep the message concise, you should at least give the customers 3-5 seconds to grasp the message. Let the product shots run for at least 5 seconds to allow customers to click and interact with the videos.

  • Tell that video is interactive
  • How would customers know the video is interactive until you tell them? Make sure viewers know at the beginning of the video that they can interact and make purchases through the video. We highly recommend using caption or voiceover to drive engagement and conversion.

  • Have an impressive CTA
  • Calls-to-action help improve conversion rates. You should put an appealing CTA along with the product name and use it adequately throughout the video.

  • Don’t overcrowd the videos
  • Focus on the product you want to sell. Overcrowding the shoppable video with multiple products will confuse the viewers and might even make them leave your store. So, put the product in full-frame to achieve the best conversion rates.

  • Stay highly creative
  • Creativity is a must while developing shoppable videos. You should come up with different ideas to make the storyline relatable and engaging. Viewers must not feel like they are watching a commercial. Instead, they should find the videos informative and helpful.

  • Test, analyze, and optimize
  • Lastly, Shopify store owners should double down on testing and analysis. They should run A/B tests to collect data and analyze which shoppable videos work best. This will significantly improve your store’s marketing strategy.

    What if I don’t have UGC content?

    Don’t worry if you don’t have UGC content, at HelloBrand we have a network of influencers that can create the content for your business! Just contact us at and our customer success team will help you find the best influencer for your business.

    Final remarks!

    Shoppable videos line up perfectly with Shopify store owners’ goals of boosting their sales, providing a mindblowing online shopping experience, generating more conversions, and improving their store’s recall value. Acting as a reliable medium to connect with prospects on a personal level, UGC-driven shoppable videos easily help brands stand out in today’s crowded online marketplace.

    Are you ready tu leverage your UGC on your store to boost your Shopify conversions?

    Start by downloading our Shopify app HelloBrand and drop us a message at so that our customer success team can help you to set up your first shoppable video in less than 20 minutes.