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How To Use HelloBrand Shopify App To Increase Your Conversions?


Brands generate a lot of video content on their social networks and users can purchase from there, however, social networks are not 100% optimized to sell as users have many distractions (other brands & friends to stalk). We want to make all the content brands generate available on their websites and make it shoppable to increase their sales conversions.

Shoppable videos will allow your brand to take advantage of the video content you generate on your social media accounts like IG or TikTok. Thanks to HelloBrand.Live Shopify App you will be able to embed those shoppable videos in your Shopify e-commerce website or use them on other sales channels to increase your sales conversions.

Here you will find what you will be able to do with our Shopify App.

Embed Shoppable Video Carousels on your Shopify website

The shoppable videos embedded as a carousel can help your users to have a look at all your products in a more dynamic way that can increase the sales conversions of your store.

As a merchant, you will be able to place the carousel of shoppable videos on your homepage or on any specific product page and add the amount of shoppable videos you want. There are many ways you can use them (we will cover this in another post): for product video reviews, UGC marketing videos, video tutorials…

This shoppable video feature will be very similar to the ones used on IG or TikTok, where users spend a lot of time scrolling through videos until they get bored. You can create the same effect on your website but increase the chance of sales, as the user's subconscious mind will help him to purchase.

Watch this video to understand where you can embed the shoppable video carousels on your Shopify store:

Embed Shoppable Floating Videos on your Shopify website

With the floating shoppable videos you will be able to add specific shoppable videos to your homepage or any product pages you want, the user will see a floating block on the bottom of the screen with the shoppable video ready to be played. You can edit the position and size of these shoppable floating videos.

Those shoppable videos can help increase your conversions on each product page, as the user will be able to see the product in real action rather than just reading the product page. The copy on your website is very important, however, a video is worth ten thousand words.

Watch this video to understand where you can embed the shoppable floating videos on your Shopify store:

You can combine shoppable carousels and floating videos on product pages or on your homepage.

HelloBrand’s Shoppable Video Links

There are two ways you can generate and promote shoppable video links. When a user purchases from any of both types of shoppable video links, they will do it on your own Shopify store:

  • When you add a shoppable video to your Shopify website, either on your homepage or product page, each shoppable video will have a unique URL that you will be able to share with your users. This shoppable video will have your own URL + the name of the shoppable you have created.
  • From HelloBrand’s dashboard, where you create the shoppable videos, you can also get there a URL for the shoppable video. This way, if you don’t want to add a shoppable video on your website, but you want to share the shoppable video link on other sales channels (email marketing, SMS, IG, Tiktok) you will be able to do it. In this case, the URL will be from HelloBrand + the name of the shoppable you have created (in that case the user will be redirected to your checkout page).
  • Watch this video to see how you can get your shoppable video link for your marketing campaigns:

    Create Live Video Shopping Shows on your Shopify Store and give your users a new shopping experience

    If you are a merchant that wants to give your users a new purchasing experience, you can create your own Live Video Shopping Shows.

    Thanks to livestream shopping videos you will be able to create live shows to promote your products or talk about specific subjects to engage with your users and increase brand awareness.

    You will just have to add the products you want to promote on the live event and start hosting the event. Your sales conversions can increase dramatically since you will be showing the products and solving the user's doubts in real-time.

    Watch this video where I show you how our Live Video Shopping platform works:

    Get User Generated Content for your Shoppable Videos or hosts for your live video shopping shows

    We work with a network of creators that can help your brand create UGC content and host your live shopping shows (at this moment this is only available in the USA + Canada).

    Our network of creators will create short videos for your products (around 1 minute) so you can use the videos to promote your brand through ads, social media, email marketing, on your shoppable videos & livestream shopping shows from HelloBrand.

    You will just have to send the products and give them a short script so they know what to talk about your products or brand. Don’t worry if you don’t like the first video, they can record it again without having to pay more.

    Contact us at if you would like to learn more about it.