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This is an example of an article

1. Overview

This article contains important information on how to write articles using our notion internal tool.

2. Make sure you set this

The image about notion configuration

Mandatory headers are Category, Tags, URL, and meta-description.

  • Category - shows next to the title
  • Tags - once you tag it with live, our internal tool will catch it up
  • URL - set the final URL where the article will live.
  • Once deployed, don’t change the URL or Google will lose track of the SEO history for that article.
  • meta-description - will be used for google meta description
  • 3. This is a heading level 2

    Start the article with heading level 2. Make sure you only use heading level 2 and heading level 3, the heading level 1 is reserved for the title of the page

    3.1. This is a heading level 3

    That’s how it looks

    4. What can be used

    You can use anything like underline, bold, italic, and code.

    Links work like this one.

    You can use quotes as well!

    4.3. Images

    You can also use images like this one.

    6. Conclusion

    That’s all