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Boost Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates With Shoppable Videos!

Boost Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates With Shoppable Videos!

It’s in your best interest to design content that not only provides information to the customers but also helps them make quick purchases. That’s precisely what shoppable videos help brands with. Shoppable videos are visual content that features products with embedded links. The moment customers click or tap on the shoppable videos, the link is activated and customers can make purchases — all this without having to leave the video!

Such shoppable videos are a staple on emails, landing pages, and social media pages. The content allows customers to consume product information, look at reviews left by customers, purchase details, and more, which helps integrate the entire shopping process with effective storytelling. Let’s dive deeper and understand why this innovative format is a necessity to generate better conversion rates.

Why use shoppable videos?

Besides the one we mentioned, here are some other advantages worth considering when investing in shoppable videos.

  • Simplified purchasing process
  • It’s annoying to see brands doing little to deliver a better customer experience. The more steps you include in the customer journey, the slimmer your chances to generate sales will be. Shoppable videos help customers NOT get exhausted in the process. It significantly closes the gap between intent and purchase and allows brands to open their range of products more effectively.

  • Massive entertainment value
  • Videos are entertaining. No wonder people spend hundreds of minutes daily consuming videos online. Shoppable videos are the best bet for brands looking to keep their landing pages and emails entertainment-packed. After all, if you entertain well, you will get more attention, which will eventually lead to better sales.

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Shoppable videos often contain attention-grabbing visuals that help improve engagement rates. Brands must focus on producing interactive shoppable videos that can engage prospects that are willing to convert. Besides the content, an effective CTA also makes shoppable videos quite effective.

  • Better conversion rates
  • Most consumers go through product videos to make a purchasing decision. Shoppable videos make the opportunity to buy readily available when prospects go through the videos! This ensures zero gaps between intent and purchase. Customers don’t need to leave or open another page to make the purchase — helping brands ensure a streamlined customer journey.

  • Achieve higher personalization
  • Personalization is an effective marketing tactic that improves brands’ ability to interact and engage their prospects. Brands may develop personalized shoppable videos by giving prospects control over the products they wish to know more about. This involves an in-depth target audience analysis, which is generally a part of almost all online marketing strategies.

    How tocreate shoppable videos in your email marketing campaigns?

    Email marketing is the oldest yet most effective online marketing strategy. But, the typical content in an email can easily turn a customer off. It is quite a challenge to produce email content that captures customers’ imagination and pushes them to take action. That’s why we recommend brands use shoppable videos in their emails to transform their email marketing results.

    But, how can you add shoppable videos to your email marketing campaigns? With our Shopify app HelloBrand you can do it really easily. Follow the next steps to add a shoppable video to an email campaign:

      Start by creating an engaging thumbnail. A good thumbnail will persuade your users to click to watch the video. An example of a good thumbnail could include an image with a face where the person is making eye contact with the viewer.
      Copy the link from the shoppable video on the thumbnail image or GIF so that users can click on it and get redirected to the shoppable video.
      Add a call to action button with the link to the shoppable video.

    This is an example of a good thumbnail with a call to action:

      Send the email and study the results. The audience of each brand might react differently. That’s why it is important to try different types of thumbnails to see which ones perform better.

    What type of email campaigns work best with shoppable videos?

    The good thing about shoppable videos is that you can include them in many types of email marketing campaigns to boost the results. These are the ones that you can start implementing right away:

  • Welcome email: This is the first email that a new subscriber will see from your brand. A good first impression will make your follow-up campaigns more effective. Many brands offer 10% off for new subscribers. You can improve this strategy by adding a shoppable video to the welcome email. You could give thanks to your subscribers and offer them the 10%. You could even show them one of your best seller products in the video. By welcoming your subscribers with a shoppable video you will create a more personal and human experience, which will help increase conversions.
  • Abandoned cart emails: Did you know that 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart? That means that for every 100 potential users that add one of your products to their cart, 70 of them will leave without purchasing. If you could turn a small percentage of those abandonments into sales, you’d increase your revenue by thousands of dollars at the end of the year. The main issue with abandoned cart emails is that all e-commerce businesses are using the same methods for the past years. It is no surprise that those abandonment emails are not converting as well as they might with more innovative strategies. By including shoppable videos in your abandoned cart email sequence, you will gain the attention of your customers and therefore boost the conversions.
  • The order confirmation email: Did you know that the average e-commerce store makes $0,25 for each order confirmation email? The order confirmation email usually contains the receipt and some information concerning the delivery. The good thing about order confirmation emails is that they have an average open rate of 60%. That’s why many e-commerce stores take advantage of it to showcase some of their best-selling products. Make the most out of your order confirmation emails by adding some shoppable videos! By adding a section with shoppable videos of your best-selling products you could be increasing significantly your revenue.
  • Thank you email: This is where you can show your gratitude to your customers for trusting you. Many e-commerce businesses send a coupon code for the next purchase in their thank you emails. By adding a shoppable video to your thank you email, you will make it more personal and your customers will feel special.
  • Cross-selling email: Did you know that it costs up to five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? That’s why it’s so important to focus a good part of your time on improving your sequences to sell more to your existing customers. The cross-selling email is ideal for this. First of all, identify what are the related and complementary products to the products that your customers have bought. Then create a shoppable video showing how they can use the complimentary product with the product they originally bought to enhance their customer experience. Finally, send them the email with the shoppable video and watch the results!
  • Shoppable videos are a great way to connect with your customers. For each interaction with your brand, your customers get closer to another purchase. Keep testing creative ideas to include shoppable videos in your email sequences.

    Make Your Shoppable Videos Work!

    There you have it. We focused on making you understand how shoppable videos help increase email conversion rate, how you can embed shoppable videos into your email campaigns, and what type of emails work best with shoppable videos. The best and most practical way to add shoppable videos to an email is by using our Shopify app HelloBrand. After all, some things are best left to the professionals. This app makes it super simple to embed shoppable videos to your emails and ensures a high conversion rate! So, what are you waiting for? Download our Shopify app HelloBrand and take your email marketing performance to the next level!