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Top Seven Benefits of Using HelloBrand App for Live Video Shopping in 2022!


Live Video Shopping is an emerging trend that combines live streaming with the ability to buy products directly from the live stream. It provides consumers with a more engaging experience than just clicking a virtual shopping cart. The potential shoppers can interact with the host to ask questions about the product and request to see the products from a different angle. This kind of shopping generated $60 billion in global sales in 2019 and nearly $200 billion in 2020. The U.S. accounts for a tiny sliver of that, but after taking off in China and other parts of the world, it’s growing quickly in America, including in apparel and makeup.

Presenting the HelloBrand Shopify App!

HelloBrand is taking Live Video Shopping to the next level. We have created a unique Shopify App where your brand will be able to create Live Video Shopping events while adding shoppable videos to your store or using them across your different sales channels.

We also provide a cost-effective network of creators in case you don’t want to host the live show or you need video content for your website.

From those live stream shows you will be able to extract short parts of the video and use them on your eCommerce site as Shoppable Videos. You will be able to take more advantage of the video content generated during the live shopping show.

Why do you need to host Live Video Shopping shows with HelloBrand?

There are dozens of live video shopping apps on the market. Then why should you go with HelloBrand? We have shortlisted the top seven exceptional benefits of using HelloBrand that will help brands make some noise online. Most importantly, these eight benefits are just off the top of our heads!

1. Evolve your customer shopping experience

Consumers have evolved beyond scroll-and-click online product feeds and are hungry for more experiential online shopping. Live video shopping gives them the opportunity to take control of their shopping experience and skip the frustrating process of online shopping. Live shopping with HelloBrand allows consumers to escape the barrier, feel valued, and be a part of a unique shopping experience. This is a perfect example of using technology to empower modern-day consumers.

2. Increase your conversions

Those last few seconds before a customer clicks “purchase” are fraught with second guesses and self-questioning. During the live stream, your clients will be able to clear up last-minute queries to complete the purchase seamlessly. HelloBrand app encourages people to buy on impulse and provides brands a massive opportunity to boost their online sales. The live stream triggers the potential buyers because they see other people buying the products and experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). If they like the product, the chances are high that they will convert too!

3. Increase the lifetime value

When you answer your client’s questions live, they will feel that you care for them. That stimulates their feeling of happiness and contentment and eventually leads to higher Lifetime Value. HelloBrand app makes sure you craft a higher value service for customers. The app tends to encourage brands to add more consumer value by broadcasting invaluable interactions with potential buyers. The live shopping shows are a perfect medium to provide consumers with a better explanation of the products while offering them enough time to resolve their queries. In other words, live video shopping significantly reduces the risk associated with online shopping — such is the level of trust between brands and consumers.

4. Know your clients better

Brands are always looking for sources to gain data and insights about how consumers interact with the product and whether or not they like the products. After all, such information gives them a window to improve their offerings and attract more potential buyers. The more they learn about their customers, the better it is for their pursuit of improvement. Therefore, the HelloBrand app helps brands learn more about their clients. When going live, your clients will ask about their main concerns about the products. Use this information to improve your products or sell better during the next live stream. We suggest you pen down the questions and create an FAQ that can be addressed in the upcoming live shopping show.

5. Sell more with our network of influencers

We get it. Not all brands find it comfortable to create content or go live before their potential customers. The ability to live stream and sell doesn’t come naturally to many brands and hence, we developed a network of influencers for them. If content creation is not your cup of tea, go ahead and connect with our network of influencers that not only will create content for your brand but will also help you build a massive following on the application. It is a perfect opportunity to automate your live shopping shows and generate sales. Let HelloBrand’s Influencers Network create the content for you and tap directly into their most passionate followers.

6. No Upfront costs

Brands love to generate more sales and revenue through online shopping apps. Live shopping app like HelloBrand is a perfect opportunity to grow their businesses while keeping their costs low. How do we achieve that? Well, there are no upfront costs associated with the HelloBrand app. Brands no longer have to commit to an upfront fee and stay obligated to a contract with our live shopping application. With the HelloBrand app, you can say goodbye to upfront fees and messy contracts — you will just pay on a usage basis (pay per view).

7. Build brand recognition

Do you want to increase brand awareness among your target audience? HelloBrand app allows brands to strategically improve their brand awareness and consolidate massive online following. The better the brand awareness, the easier it is to recommend products and generate more sales. Your audience will take your word and purchase products just because YOU recommended them. Such an impressive following is only possible through online live shopping applications like HelloBrand.

Live stream video shopping best practices to follow on HelloBrand

Indeed, you have an impressive online video shopping platform in the form of HelloBrand. But, it is of equal importance that you follow the best practices and stay on top of your live streaming game. In this section, we will discuss some of the best practices you should consider when live streaming on HelloBrand.

1. Select a good host for the live show

Live video shopping works when the live show is engaging and entertaining for the audience. The more engaged an audience is in the live stream, the higher are the chances of conversion. Once you gain their attention through an engaging live stream, it will be easier to educate them about your products and make a sale. This is why we suggest brands select a good dynamic host for the live show. Take help from the HelloBrand network of influencers for this purpose.

2. Stay authentic and true to your audience

Authenticity is a major selling point when live streaming with an audience. Modern-day consumers are smart and can sense when you go hard on selling. We highly recommend brands indulge in honest conversations with the audience to sell their products. Keep things genuine and social so that viewers have a good time interacting with your live stream. Most importantly, live stream using a phone to come across as more relatable. Address customers’ questions and prioritize interacting with them.

3. Plan your content in advance

You don’t want to turn on the live stream and then spend time thinking about what to do. Plan well in advance about the products you wish to promote through the live stream. Moreover, create a list of content that you would like to share with the audience. Most importantly, create content that matches your target audience. This will help you create a better context while promoting your products in your upcoming live stream.

Create your first Live Video Shopping event!

So, what are you waiting for? Live stream eCommerce is growing rapidly and it’s time you update your online marketing strategy accordingly. It has been an immense success in China and so can be in your country too! The best thing is that with HelloBrand, the barrier to entry is quite low — presenting an excellent opportunity to develop deeper customer relationships. In this quick guide, we outlined the various benefits of using HelloBrand as your go-to live streaming and live shopping platform.

Are you ready to launch your first Live Video Shopping event? Contact us at and our customer success team will help you with the set up.